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On our website, you'll discover a free online application that only takes a minute to fill out. This will be the first step and your entryway into the process of acquiring title loans Burleson. Don't worry; we kept it short and sweet to get you on board with the cash you need as quickly as possible. Be ready to part with the following details:

1. Contact Information

To begin with, you'll need to drop us a phone number that we can reach you at inside the next 30 minutes and a name that the specialist can address you with. You're also encouraged to supply a functional email address where you can access hard copies of your information and receive updates on your loan plan.

2. ZIP Code

It seems trivial, but we actually need to know this detail for a serious reason. Many clients come to us from out of state for a leg-up in their new settlement or during a temporary stay, and we need to ensure that they can continue to pay the loan off after they've parted from the state. Some states don't allow title loans, so in the event that we need to recover the vehicle on a defaulted loan, we need confirmation that your home state will allow us to do so.

3. Vehicle Condition and Model

Part of how we determine what you're able to borrow is through the evaluation of your vehicle type, quality and condition. These aspects are simply reflected through the mileage as well as make, model and year. With this information, we can get you started on a free estimate before proceeding further into the process of acquiring title loans in Burleson, TX.

From this point on, it's a short wait while our office receives your submission and processes it accordingly. We take a look at your ZIP code and vehicle details to determine what you'll probably be able to afford; however, the details aren't set in stone until we reach out and look further into the clarity of your title and income. You can help the specialist find an optimal middle ground for you by working closely with them on the finer details of your financial complications.

The final step in the process is the exchange of the title for the cash deposit, which should happen within the same day and can happen as soon as the very hour it's signed over. From here on out, you enjoy a bevy of benefits that other small-dollar loan firms can't offer such as:

Lowest interest rates in the small-dollar loan industry

Breathe-easy financing that's backed by refinancing solutions to buy more time

Buyout program to help you escape malicious lenders

Loan sums that average several times that of payday or cash advance

Never worry about your credit score while applying or paying off title loans Burleson

About Us

Burleson Title Lending is an unusual company less for how it conducts business and more with its outlook and mission in this line of business. The vein of lending cash to citizens of Texas is a proud job that we shoulder with confidence, and we consider it a philanthropic deed to the people of the Lone Star State. However, this is also a great responsibility, and it's arguably made more difficult by the weight of the stigmas that are carried by the term "title loans".

Recent years have seen the passing of laws that stanch the flow of malicious lending practices by companies in almost every state. Some states have even outlawed title loans altogether. The states that continue to allow them have done so under the condition that strict guidelines are followed. While title loans in Burleson, TX bring a few inherent risks, this could be said of all forms of lending. However, we also feel that it's the responsibility of the lending company to guide the client into the ideal loan plan that provides just enough cash to cover their requirements while keeping the overhead expenses at a minimum.

Treading the lines of transparency, law-abiding business ethics and firmly educating our clients is what sets us apart from the average title-based lender, and this is where Burleson Title Lending would like to extend some of the laws that Texas protects you with when you choose us as your guardian angel in the coming months. Let's review them:

1. The 30-Day Seizure Policy

Texas law stipulates that all lenders of title loans are required to allow clients 30 days after the point of delinquency to pay the loan off or commit to a refinance plan before finalizing the repossession process.

2. The 10-Percent Interest Cap

You've probably heard about lenders of our caliber who get away with 500-percent interest rates and absurd APRs, and we're here to tell you now that no title-based lender in Texas can pull this off. Your interest will never exceed 10 percent for any reason — ever.

3. Good Faith Judgement

Good Faith Judgment describes a policy in which the lender is entrusted with the power to determine whether a client, based on their income and expenses, is capable of repaying the loan inside the original loan terms. This assumes that reasonable accommodation is available to the client.

How It Works

The golden rules of title loans with Burleson Title Lending are as follows:

1. Instead of checking your credit score, our company uses the clarity of your auto title, value of your vehicle and stability of your income to determine your eligibility.

3. We can accept titles for most land- and water-based automobiles. Additionally, clients who are collecting government benefits aren't necessarily barred from shouldering title loans Burleson although it can adversely impact the amount borrowed.

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